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How do you prove where my avocado's come from?
Using what nature gives the fruit itself, we test it to measure key trace elements and isotopes that the fruit absorbs from the environment it grows in. This gives the fruit its very own unique fingerprint.

In the event that you need to prove that some fruit is from your orchards to support an accusation, we would test samples from your orchards to create this fingerprint and then test the suspect samples to see if they match against this fingerprint.

Does FarmPrint add anything to make the fruit 'traceable'?
No, all we need is the fruit itself. 

Would this evidence stand up in court?

Yes, and this technique is common in criminal cases. However, every case is different and it will depend upon the quality of samples that we can analyse as to whether we can provide evidence-quality information.

How is this different to Oritain?
FarmPrint was created to cater for the New Zealand domestic market and to deter avocado thefts. Oritain is for global exporters that span many product ranges and covers many different industries.
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